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At Total Floor Care, our dedicated team of craftsmen use the latest dust free technology technology, which
produces less than 2 microgrammes of dust per cubic metre. Our team are recognised as being Master Craftsmen,
ensuring your wooden floor will be repaired, properly prepared and expertly restored.
Ask a professional and receive an expert service
Our master craftsmen professionally repair,
prepare and restore your flooring
At Total Floor Care, we take floor sanding seriously. Before going ahead and sanding your floors, we will inspect the floor boards, repair any damage and prepare the flooring beforehand. Read on to find out how we professionally prepare your flooring using the latest dust free technology for a professional finish every time.
  Floor Sanding Exeter
Exeter Floor Sanding  
Professional preparation is key
For a professional finish, your floor needs
professional preparation
It is important to repair and prepare the floor before going ahead and sanding, this is where many DIYers fail. So it is always more effective to have a professional sand your flooring, here at Total Floor Care, we have produced a unique, multi- process and sanding technique which gives you a professional flooring finish.
We only use the latest technology
Ensure your floor receives professional results
time and time again
Perfection comes from practice and at Total Floor Care our expert floor sanders have over 20 years of experience, delivering professional results time after time. We believe technique and technology is the key to achieving perfection. Although anyone can sand floors, it takes skill and expertise to produce a lasting result.
  Floor Sanding Exeter

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