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Maintenance of your sanded floor

Despite the beauty of sanded floors, the floor can create noise in the rooms underneath.

Here at Total Floor Care we know that the maintenance of your sanded floor matters.

When using our Total Floor Care service, we will give you a FREE maintenance kit after we complete your project.

All sanded floors need the correct care. Cleaning and protection of your sanded floor are extremely important in order to maintain the charm and endurance of the finish.  Neglecting your floors can result in your floors wearing early leading to added expense of re –sanding.

Professional Maintenance is essential to keep your floor looking great

To take away the added worry of knowing how and when to recoat your floor, Total Floor Care supplies the appropriate cleaning products for your floor and to prolong its life, we provide a recoating service.

Maintenance Package
Maintenance Package
Suitable for domestic and light commercial flooring Ideal for heavy commercial flooring
Annual inspection and advice Quarterly inspection and advice
10% off our expert maintenance products 10% off our expert maintenance products
15% discount on waxing or recoating 15% discount on waxing or recoating

Maintenance is made up of two different elements:

  • Cleaning - Use the appropriate detergent and cleaning technique
  • Recoating – Eliminate re-sanding and freshen up the floor

If you frequently stick to these maintenance elements, your wooden floor can last for a long time.


  • Your floor will stay in its original clean condition.
  • Reduces the cost of re- stripping the floor.

This is a particularly important to high traffic commercial premises:

  • Reduces down time
  • Maintain s cleanliness

Please contact the office for more information regarding maintenance packages.

Warning! The floor will have to be re-sanded once the seal has worn through.


Floor sanding Paignton

"Routine maintenance of your sanded floor is essential to preserve and protect the seal and prevent the need for sanding in the future."
Paignton floor sanding


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