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Finishes and Seals for sanded floors
Protect your floors and make them last

The wooden floor is protected with a wood floor seal after the wooden floor has been sanded and polished. In professional terms, varnish is only one type of wood floor seal; however some people might call this wood floor varnish.

The most important part of the entire sanding process is the quality of the seal that goes onto your floor.  Never skimp by using a cheap interior seal.

If you want to lower the cost of your project, we advise that you use a lower spec rather than an inferior seal.  A cheap seal will cost you much more in the long run due to the need for frequent re-sands.

The finished wood is protected by quality seals that offer a stain resistant durable finish that can last many years with the correct maintenance.

Make your Seal last!
If you are taking good care of your floor and under normal domestic traffic conditions, typical re-coating times:

  • A part acrylic seal should last up 3+ years or more.
  • A high traffic seal should last up 5 years or more.
  • An oil finish will need to be maintained and will need touching up once a year or sooner.

Timings are a rough guide and will depend on the volume of traffic and types of shoes that are worn. If you want to make your floor last, you may want to contemplate making the house a shoe free area!

wooden floor sanding Bristol

"We use professional seals and finishes to protect your sanded floors and make them last for years to come."
Bristol floor sanding
Description Advantages Disadvantages

Part Acrylic Wooden Floor Seal

 This is a hardwearing single component, part acrylic, part polyurethane seal. Seal is available in matt or satin. Designed to not darken wood and for easy use. 

For use in:

  • Bedrooms
  • Lounges

Dry time: 4 hrs in between coats
Cure time: 12-24 hrs
Coverage: 10-12sq.m/litre
Number of coats required: 3

Does not discolour the wood

Not Waterproof
Only suitable for areas of low traffic

High Traffic Polyurethane Wooden Floor Seal

For use in:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms

One or two component, ultra strong and durable, full professional polyurethane seal.  The seal is specially designed for ease of application with resistance to scuffs and a commercial-level wear.

Dry time: 4 hrs in between coats
Cure time: 24-36 hrs
Coverage: 10-12sq.m/litre
Number of coats required: 3

Extremely Durable
Long lasting
Water resistant
Scuff resistant

Disadvantages are few and far between but high traffic seals are however more expensive to apply than part acrylic floor seals.

Professional Hard Wax Oil for Wood Floors

Suitable for use in:

  • All areas
 Environmentally friendly and 100% natural, this is a safe product, suitable for children. This product contains linseed oil, candelilla wax, carnuba wax, sunflower oil, thistle oil and soybean oil, with no biocides and preservatives. The result is a stain resistant micro porous, breathable surface.

Dry time:  12 hrs in between coats
Cure time: 24 hrs
Coverage: 33sq.m/litre
Number of coats required: 2

Wax Oil Advantages

Non Polluting
Child friendly
Great result
Easy to repair
Patchable, blends

Wax Oil Disadvantages

Not as tough as polyurethane

More frequent maintenance is required.



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